• Makes sense to me .......

    If you have to ask for "signs," let this need of yours be a "sign" that you should make haste very s-l-o-w-l-y.

  • Going Wilde in Dublin


    I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again. ~Oscar Wilde

  • Hello hello ......

    Just thought it was time to catch up on my blog.

    I know it's been ages since I wrote anything on here but here goes.

    I've just returned from spending 5 days in Dublin which was a lovely break. Went to the Abbey Theatre on Thursday evening and saw a fantastic production called "Sive". The play was set in 1950's Ireland. Sive is a beautiful young orphan who lives with her aunt, uncle and grandmother in rural Kerry. An elderly local farmer offers her guardians a large amount of money in return for her hand in marriage. The story is one of greed and passion and I highly recommend it.

    My poetry reading is proving very popular and I am hoping to get an open mic slot at Zefferelis in Ambleside on Wednesday evening. Failing that my next one will be at The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal the following weekend. I gave some readings at The Mortal Man in Troutbeck the other week where I received a warm and generous welcome from Kate Barkes the lovely landlady there. Thank you Kate!

    I am still enjoying life back in the UK and have been rediscovering parts of Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire as well as discovering a few hidden gems such as Semer Water near Aysgarth. It's also great to be able to go and see live theatre and recently enjoyed a wonderful production of "An August Bank Holiday Lark" at The Duke's in Lancaster. This play is currently on tour in the UK and is well worth seeing.

    My 'personal life' continues to be complicated and I am struggling to make sense of it. Thankfully I have friends and family I can share some of the issues with. The remainder I deal with the best I can.

    In the meantime I am looking forward to my trip to the Fjords with Murphymole in early May - nothing will get in the way of us enjoying every minute of that!

    That's about it for now folks ~ I could moan about the very painful sore throat I came back from Ireland with .... but won't!!!! :no:

  • Box and Cox

    Or something like that!!!!

    My daughter came back from shopping the other day and said "I’ve just had to buy Louis some ‘boxers’". He’s always worn what they call ‘slips’ (much like swimming trunks) and they really suit his lean frame (a bit like his grandma then!!!). It seems that at PE lessons the other boys in his class have been commenting on his undergarments saying “Louis is wearing his ‘ball stranglers again.’” Louis said he wasn’t bothered by this but my daughter didn’t want him to be made fun of. Though she did say she hoped that the boxers stayed up on his small waist. Trolleys round the ankles are not a good look!!!!! :oops:

    Next thing we know he'll be wearing his jeans half way down to display his undies!!!

  • Colonic Irritation!

    I have to confess to being afraid of punctuation and in particular the use (or misuse) of colons and semi-colons. I think I must have been absent from school or not paying attention when we were being taught how, when and where to use them. I so envy my blogfriends who use them with such apparent ease. Perhaps there are simple 'rules' I should learn?

    Cue "Google"

    Some joker once observed that the semicolon is "a comma that has gone to college." Maybe that explains why so many writers try to avoid the mark: too highfalutin, they think, and a little old fashioned to boot. As for the colon--well, unless you're a surgeon, that one sounds downright scary.

    Semicolons ;

    Use a semicolon to separate two main clauses not joined by a coordinating conjunction:

    Those who write clearly have readers; those who write obscurely have commentators.

    We can also use a semicolon to separate main clauses joined by a conjunctive adverb (such as however, consequently, otherwise, moreover, nevertheless):

    A great many people may think that they are thinking; however, most are merely rearranging their prejudices.

    Basically, a semicolon (whether followed by a conjunctive adverb or not) serves to coordinate two main clauses.

    Colons :

    Use a colon to set off a summary or a series after a complete main clause:

    It is time for the baby's birthday party: a white cake, strawberry-marshmallow ice cream, and a bottle of champagne saved from another party.
    (Joan Didion)

    Notice that a main clause does not have to follow the colon; however, a complete main clause generally should precede it.

    => Can anyone give me some simple tips on this matter?

  • Simply Amazing!!!!

    As you may already know I'm a big believer in fate and I go along with my instinct even when I'm not sure of the rhyme or reason behind it. Being a very down to earth person I often find myself trying to rationalise things before accepting what life has in store for me. Only in hindsight does it all appear to make sense.

    I could give you many examples but will tell you about the latest event. Some would call it co-incidence but to me there's much more going on 'behind the scenes'.

    Never once did I expect to be living back in this part of the world but here I am. The place we are living at the moment, though temporarily, has turned out to be in just the right location for our various needs. My grandchildren have settled extremely well in their respective schools and are very popular with both students and teachers alike.

    I'm starting to have a social life which is something I had very little of in France. That brings me to the amazing bit! You may recall that on Friday I went for a hot stone massage and got talking to the girls in the salon about needing to occupy my time and meet new people. As I mentioned my interest in AmDram it was suggested that I should go to the village hall to meet the local theatre group who were giving a viewing of the DVD of their last production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. That was yesterday afternoon.

    When I arrived at the village hall I was given a lovely greeting and introduced to the group's director and a few others before settling down to watch the DVD which was projected onto the backcloth of the stage making everything life-size. I really enjoyed it and afterwards I got chatting to the lady who had welcomed me on the door. It transpires that she is a Teaching Assistant at Aimee's school and her husband used to teach there when my daughter attended some years ago. Before leaving she had managed to fill my diary up with things to do and we exchanged phone numbers.

    Tonight I am going to a Quiz Night, Thursday night I am going to join a singing group, Friday night I am going along to a meeting of the theatre group and on 21st I'm joining some ladies for an evening meal. And that's just for starters!!!

    On my way home I was running things over in my mind and felt that there was something very familiar about this lady. The cog wheels inside my head started turning and when I got home I told my daughter that I was sure that we had worked together at some point or other. Then it dawned on me where so I picked up the phone and gave her a call. To both our amazement we realised we worked together about 35 years ago! 88|

    What a lot of catching up there's going to be! :)

  • Getting on with it!!!!

    Well life does have its ups and downs but life must go on.

    My haircut was a success! :yes:
    The theatre group were rubbish! |-|
    I've sorted out my personal banking! )-o
    I've broken someone's heart! :-/
    Yesterday I had a lovely day out in the Yorkshire Dales with my daughter. :b
    Today I've had a lovely hot stone massage and booked another session 8|
    Tomorrow I'm going to see an AmDram production of "The Sound of Music". :lalala:
    Sunday I'm going to introduce myself to the director of the local theatre group.:crazy:
    And then there's next week ...... who knows what's just around the corner? :?:

    Oops!..... It's Friday so I must scoot off and think of something to post for "Friday Fives".:idea:

    Don't you just hate people who go crazy with emoticons???:yawn:

  • Easier said than done .....

    Even when you know that you're doing the 'right thing' it doesn't make it any easier!

  • Puzzle it out .......

    I was the one missing piece in someone's jigsaw and now I have spoilt it ......

    How do I feel? ......... :(

  • Getting a move on ......

    On Monday I was busy looking for activities to join. I've already told you about the theatre group so what else has been happening in Spiceworld?

    Well, I came across something called "Walking for Health" and left a message on their website and they got back to me yesterday. Someone is calling round next Tuesday to complete some paperwork for it. The group I contacted go for an organised 1 hour walk on the 1st and 3rd Mondays in the month then have lunch somewhere afterwards. There are other groups nearby that I can also join. The woman I spoke to asked me if I was interested in doing some voluntary work and I said that it had crossed my mind so we'll be chatting about that on Tuesday too.

    I've found myself a new hairdresser and made an appointment for 4pm today. Hopefully that will be successful. At least I'll look tidy for my audition later.

    Remember I had a hot stone massage before leaving France? Well there's a Salon just in the nearby village that do it and the treatment's on offer during November and December. I have made an appointment for 10.30am this Friday and if Bridgett is as good at as Julie was then I'll book another appointment for December.

    Right ~ things to do, people to see :wave:

    ps ~ have I mentioned I'm going to see an AmDram production of The Sound of Music on Saturday night? :lalala:


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